Week 2 – More thoughts and some plans

During this UCF/Educause course, I hope to revise the Introduction to Designing Online Courses.  In fact, I have already decided to change the name to: Introduction to Designing Blended Courses.  In addition, I want to

  • critically examine the alignment of goals and objectives
  • review and perhaps replace some readings
  • improve the discussion prompts to encourage deeper thinking
  • enhance and improve interactions
  • include a more “UDL” approach to teaching and learning

I realize that I need to be more intentional about using multiple media to present information. Currently I use traditional reading material (articles) and some videos.  I would like to include some case studies,  infographics, and guest speakers.

In addition, I would like to offer participants more choice in how they represent knowledge and understanding of content.  The course is primarily reading and discussion based.  I want to include other ways for students to demonstrate what they know.


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