Week 4 Musings


Signs of Spring!

This week and probably next are less about a “mid-MOOC slump” as Rohan mentioned in the announcement and more about spring fever!  It’s been a long, cold, and snowy winter in the Midwest, and I know others are anxiously awaiting the permanent arrival of milder and warmer temperatures.  As such, I struggle to keep my mind and interests focused on the course as well as my daily work responsibilities.

If I must, I thought that I would reflect on two of the organizational items illustrated and discussed in chapter 4 this week.

  1. Survey of Technologies for Student Engagement is a handy and dynamic list of tools organized by type of function or student action.  I started a similar list with a cohort of faculty which we called “Blended Faculty Toolkit.”  I like the idea of organizing the resources/tools around themes or topics.  It is something to think about as I redesign assessments and assignments.
    1. Interaction and communication
    2. Assessment
    3. Content
  2. The Learning Activities Matrix by Littlejohn and Pegler (2007) identified various types of learning activities and included descriptions, resources, and explanations for each.  This may also be another way to organize resources for faculty.  I might consider utilizing a taxonomy (Bloom’s?) around which to organize activities.

Another week of great readings and resources!


Littlejohn, A., & Pegler, C. (2007). Preparing for blended e-learning.  London, UK: Routledge.


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