Day One: Unlock the Mind

I’m already behind on the Writing 101 blogging course I signed up for, but I am determined to give it a go.  I’ll use the tag and category “Writing 101” for all things written for this course.

So, I’ve started the timer on my phone to help me with the twenty minutes of free write.  Here goes…

It’s difficult for me to write – just write.  I want to constantly self-edit – a problem that plagued me throughout my dissertation.  I was at times paralyzed, unable to write the hoped-for 2-3 pages a night.  It was difficult after working 8-10 hours and then I was always rereading what I’d written the day before or trying to find the “right” words for the page.  I’m trying now to “let go” of the need to edit as I write for the next 20 minutes, but I’ve already made corrections!  Perhaps if I digress a bit and write about the past week, I may be able to get some words and ideas down without constantly editing!

From flipflops to flannel. That’s what came to my mind when I landed in Port Columbus on a cold, grey, and wet Saturday evening.  I had spent the past seven days in the Florida Keys where it was warm and sunny with temperatures in the 80s. I embraced every waking moment in the sun, soaking up every minute and every hour to be outside – walking, running, just being outside!  And wondering why I live in Ohio!?  We’re like plants, I guess, sprouting roots and getting root bound in a small pot.  Jobs, mortgages, families, friends. They are the roots that keep us in a location I guess.  Responsibilities.

But this winter was especially draining and difficult for me.  Colder and longer than normal, I thought I might not survive.  Still we wait for warm weather.  Three days later it is still cool and wet and grey.  It has rained everyday since landing.  The sky has been a soupy grey with infrequent bursts of white clouds and an occasional ray of sun or of hope that warmer temperatures and brighter skies might prevail.  While on that seven day haitus in Florida I wondered what it would be like to stay?  to walk away from my responsibilities?  my job?  my mortgage? I couldn’t do it really because I’m too sensible, too predictable, too responsible.  But, what I will do is begin to plan my escape, a sensible, responsible one – some day in the near future I will live in a location that offers warmer and sunnier weather!

I’m not sure if it will be Florida.  I wasn’t crazy about the iguanas! They have become quite invasive thanks to a human population that inIMG_0276troduced them or let them go.  They are not native to this area, but many people bought these “exotic” reptiles as pets and when they became aggressive or too big or simply boring, they released them.  Non-indigenous snakes have also become a problem in Florida for the same reasons!  Ugh!  And, I’m not excited about alligators and crocodiles, either.

So, where, might I end up?  I’d love to live in Hawaii, but I fear that the cost of living – the cost of everything – food, gas, land, houses – would prevent me from living there.  Yet, I continue to look at housing in Hawaii just to see if I might be able to one day live in paradise – a land where warm weather, sunshine, and water abound.  Where you could live outside everyday!  Grow plants year round and not have to watch out for snakes, iguana, or alligators!Kauai Rooster plumeria


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