Day Two: A Room with a View

Still behind…but writing!

So, whether it’s my recent vacation to a warm and sunny location or the wet, grey weather outside of my window, I’m not sure, but the “place” that inspires me and “takes” me is Hawaii.  Although I’ve only been there once, I long to return to take in the beauty.

When I first arrived on the big island as many call Hawaii I noticed the heat – the warmth really.  A comfortable warmth with a constant light breeze.  But within a short distance by foot or by car I was aware of the color – various shades of green, red, and blue.  The sun cast light which gave the environment various hues and shades of every color of the rainbow. Plants – green and several colorful flowering ones were abundant.  Fruit trees – guava, bananas, mango and other flowering and fruit plants dot the landscape of homes. From flowers to birds to coffee beans, the colors of Hawaii are stunning.

IMG_8983 IMG_9230 Coffee Beans

In addition to the colors – always bright – the lure of the water is also a sight.  It’s easy to see various shades and hues of blue when looking out onto the ocean.  The Pacific is a feisty body of water that constantly shouts its arrival on shore – large waves crash steadily against sandy and rocky beaches.  The sound is both soothing and hypnotic.  Waterfalls, too, are abundant.  The white, rushing waters fall against a backdrop of deep green foliage into dark bodies of water.

I long for the color, the water and warm temperatures that stimulate my senses. My eyes – like cameras – want to capture every single site and color.  My ears want to listen to the constant rhythm of the waves on the sand.  My place – Hawaii!  Is it any wonder that many people call it paradise?


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