Day 19: Double & No Rotation

I struggled with finding a “double” suitable for this post, and the one that I am using does not work well for the rotation part.



Day 17: Glass, Squared

There is always plenty of glass at the Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. One of the images below was shot through pane glass (below right); I took the photograph of a decorated Christmas tree during a very cold winter night from the outside looking in. The Chihuly (bottom left) covers traditional lighting along the hallway to one of the garden areas at the Franklin Park Conservatory. The glass spheres, located outdoors, glow brightly in the evening.

Fiber optic ceiling lights (left). Muted Christmas Tree (right).


Chihuly Glass sculpture (left). Glass spheres at night (right).


Day 15: Landscapes & Cropping

This landscape photo was taken five years ago in Hawaii; the first shot is untouched – no cropping or editing. I was standing atop a ledge and looking down and out onto the taro fields, a geometric and manicured patchwork design. Today, however, I cropped the photo to remove some of the green in the right forefront, and now my eye wanders left and up to the top mountain ridge which is shrouded in clouds.

Landscape Before

Taro Fields Kauai - Version 2

Landscape 1 Hawaii

Landscape After (cropping)

Taro Fields Kauai 6-27-11-14pm - Version 3

Landscape 2 Hawaii – cropped

Day 14: Scale & Observation

Just by chance…Ordinarily I go out of my way to photograph buildings and landscapes without people. I rarely look at a scene to consider the elements and relationship to scale, so this exercise is a good reminder for me. This is another image of The Grand Mosque, but this time, there are people included. You can see just how grand the structure is when you notice the ant-size person against the stark white building.  Yes, that black speck just a little left of center is a person. In the second photograph, notice the two people – left – walking toward the Mosque.



All Abu Dhabi

Yesterday I enjoyed spending the afternoon with Ray and some of his students. Similar to students in the US, many of them have already left (early) for spring break, even though break does not officially start until mid-day Thursday!

After school, we visited The Grand Mosque – appropriately named because everything about the campus is grand and impressive…


Waiting for the Mosque to open


Beautiful tiled wall outside.

Another view – hallway and pool

Marble mosaic – inside wall

View of the front of The Grand Mosque