Abu Dhabi – Friday – Day 1

Thursday started out like most work-day mornings, except my destination was anything but ordinary. I boarded a plane in Columbus headed for New York and JFK Airport. Shortly after noon, I lined up at the Etihad ticket counter ready to check in for my 3:30 flight to Abu Dhabi, and by 2:30 we were boarding the aircraft. The Airbus 380 was a behemoth, with seats for over 500 and two full-length decks!

Picture of Airbus 380

The two-deck Airbus 380 that carried me to Abu Dhabi.

Greeted by a team of flight attendants, passengers were politely and quickly given directions to their seats and by 3:30 we “were ready for departure.” After a long flight, made comfortable by the attentive staff at Etihad Airlines, I arrived in Abu Dhabi. Within minutes I was at the customs check in and my luggage was on the carousel as I descended the steps to passenger pickup. And right around the corner was Ray! Let the fun begin.

After a little sight seeing we stopped at Ray’s School:



Learning Targets, Kelly?

More tomorrow!




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