Abstract Daily Post

Ben, you’ve inspired me to post to today’s theme: Abstract!  I’ve been experimenting with a micro lens that I have for my iPhone camera.

A common spring flower and wildflower – close up of the stamens of each flower. Two  different views of the same piece of coral. These close images transform these photographs of otherwise ordinary elements in our environment.




Also from Abu Dhabi, I found this piece of coral several feet from the shore line, caked in sand. In the close-up pictures you can still see particles of sand trapped in the six-sided coralites. These remind me of the Petoskey Stones, prehistoric fossils, that I saw in Michigan a few years ago.


Shells from Abu Dhabi 2016

Whenever I travel, I seek out opportunities to be near water and to search for shells and glass; I enjoy the solitude of walking along the shore. While in Abu Dhabi I didn’t find any glass, but I found many different shells, most of which were small – an inch or smaller, some barely the size of pencil lead.

Below are some specimens.

Abu Dhabi Shells collage

Most of the shells pictured close up are less than an inch – long or in diameter.

Sprinter – spring & winter in Ohio

The spring flowers, shrubs, and trees are trying to burst forth despite the colder-than-normal temperatures in the midwest. This afternoon I found two clusters of blooms on what I always referred to as a holly bush. Since I had a significant amount of inside time this weekend, I decided to find out the real name of this bush growing in my backyard: Mahonia aquifolium, also referred to Oregon Grape, the state flower of Oregon, according to State Symbols USA.

Oregon Grape collage

Mahonia Aquifolium or Oregon Grape