Also from Abu Dhabi, I found this piece of coral several feet from the shore line, caked in sand. In the close-up pictures you can still see particles of sand trapped in the six-sided coralites. These remind me of the Petoskey Stones, prehistoric fossils, that I saw in Michigan a few years ago.



Shells from Abu Dhabi 2016

Whenever I travel, I seek out opportunities to be near water and to search for shells and glass; I enjoy the solitude of walking along the shore. While in Abu Dhabi I didn’t find any glass, but I found many different shells, most of which were small – an inch or smaller, some barely the size of pencil lead.

Below are some specimens.

Abu Dhabi Shells collage

Most of the shells pictured close up are less than an inch – long or in diameter.

Day 14: Scale & Observation

Just by chance…Ordinarily I go out of my way to photograph buildings and landscapes without people. I rarely look at a scene to consider the elements and relationship to scale, so this exercise is a good reminder for me. This is another image of The Grand Mosque, but this time, there are people included. You can see just how grand the structure is when you notice the ant-size person against the stark white building.  Yes, that black speck just a little left of center is a person. In the second photograph, notice the two people – left – walking toward the Mosque.



All Abu Dhabi

Yesterday I enjoyed spending the afternoon with Ray and some of his students. Similar to students in the US, many of them have already left (early) for spring break, even though break does not officially start until mid-day Thursday!

After school, we visited The Grand Mosque – appropriately named because everything about the campus is grand and impressive…


Waiting for the Mosque to open


Beautiful tiled wall outside.

Another view – hallway and pool

Marble mosaic – inside wall

View of the front of The Grand Mosque

Saadiyat Beach, NYUAD, & Emirates Palace

The week wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of the largest public beaches in Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Beach. Although I don’t have any pictures from the beach, I do have quite a collection of shells! Not far from the beach and in a large expanse of desert sits New York University – Abu Dhabi (NYUAD).
DSC00886Another surprising structure that you’ll see in Abu Dhabi is the Cleveland Clinic, yes THE Cleveland Clinic, which opened less than a year ago, in May 2015.

This evening we enjoyed a delicious meal and after-dinner coffee at the Emirates Place, a 7-star luxury hotel on the gulf. Even the pictures can’t capture this opulent and palatial structure, which is situated on over 200 acres with close to a 1-mile stretch of private beach. According to some sources, over 44 tons of gold were used throughout the hotel. One can even order a cappuccino decorated with gold leaf!


Heritage Village & Long Walk – Day 3 – Abu Dhabi

I went for a run in the morning and then went to Heritage Village, which is similar to our Ohio Village/Ohio Historical Society – a “living history museum” which predates the oil-rich nation of the UAE.


On a long walk back from the Heritage Village and later in the day, I captured some other photos in Abu Dhabi.

Etihad Towers on the left; various shapes & colors of pots and a plumeria plant from the plant and garden souq.