Spring flowers

It’s late March in Ohio, and the last few weeks have been a mix of spring- and winter-like temperatures. Two weeks ago, morning temperature were in the mid to high teens; nine days later temperatures rose to the mid 70s! This week promises continued warm weather with temperatures in the mid 60s; needless to say, spring flowers are blooming.




Sprinter – spring & winter in Ohio

The spring flowers, shrubs, and trees are trying to burst forth despite the colder-than-normal temperatures in the midwest. This afternoon I found two clusters of blooms on what I always referred to as a holly bush. Since I had a significant amount of inside time this weekend, I decided to find out the real name of this bush growing in my backyard: Mahonia aquifolium, also referred to Oregon Grape, the state flower of Oregon, according to State Symbols USA.

Oregon Grape collage

Mahonia Aquifolium or Oregon Grape