Where Do We Go From Here?

We must rise up and reunite! #NotMyPresident

Pantsuit Power

I wore my pantsuit to school on Tuesday. Attached to one lapel was my “I  ❤  Voting” sticker; to the other, a VOTE button. I wore my late grandmother’s “beads” around my neck. She always told me that she “was born too early.” A strong, feisty dame, my Gram was, and she would have loved Hillary. I have no doubt she would have voted for her. So, my vote for Hillary was in honor of my grandmother and each of her strong daughters – including my incredible mother.

I was giddy with anticipation all day.

Once home, I changed into my pajamas, made dinner – tacos, symbolically – and settled in to watch the returns. When Wolf Blitzer announced the first wave of Hillary states, I clapped and cheered, a bit misty eyed.


Nervously, I kept watching, kept hoping, kept waiting for the cities to come in – kept…

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1 Day Blue Photo Challenge

I’ve decided to participate in the 1-Day Blue Photo Challenge. As an instructor and instructional coach, I often encourage and require students and workshop participants to keep a journal in …

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Day 12: Swap Meet & Iao Valley

Love the swap meet in Kahului – where artists, vendors, and farmers set up shop to sell their goods. We returned to find our two artist “friends” – Kai Chow and Jes Murthi – and purchased honu necklaces from Kai! And, of course, we purchased apple bananas!

Then we were on our way to the Iao Valley! We walked around the grounds of the state park and enjoyed the foliage and rushing streams of mountain water.

Day 12 collage

We returned to the condo for a late afternoon meal before walking to the beach for the sunset!

sunset collage

Day 11: A Day of Bays & More Fires!

The northwest portion of Maui offers beautiful vistas, as well as opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, and surfing. On our way, we noticed another brush fire on Honoapiilani Highway near Olowalu.

We stopped at Honolulu Bay for some snorkeling, although it was not as clear and robust as Lana’i. After a little bit of snorkeling we headed further north to the Nakalele Point and Blowhole. Our hike out to the point was short but rugged; well worth the trip.

We headed south to find the Kapalua Coastal Trail for a 3+ mile hike along the rugged northwest coast. Below are some of the pictures from yesterday’s adventure.

Day 11 collage

On our way home to Kihei, the brush fire was still burning, even more area was burning and smoldering! It’s been dry in this area, and when the fires cross the highway, there is no other way to get in or out of West Maui!

Day 11 fire collage

We decided to have dinner out at Da Kitchen, a casual joint with traditional Hawaiian style grinds such as Kalua pork.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the Swap Meet and then to ‘Iao Valley.

Abstract Daily Post

Ben, you’ve inspired me to post to today’s theme: Abstract!  I’ve been experimenting with a micro lens that I have for my iPhone camera.

A common spring flower and wildflower – close up of the stamens of each flower. Two  different views of the same piece of coral. These close images transform these photographs of otherwise ordinary elements in our environment.