Day 14: Last Full Day

Spent most of the day at the beach walking and looking for shells and sea glass. Although I didn’t find much of either, I did see flowers, sea creatures, dogs, turtles, a rainbow, and wild boar!

Last Day collage 1

Just amazing! Hawaiians have a long tradition of respecting the land, its people and all living things. This Hawaiian proverb says it beautifully:

“He ali‘i nō ka ‘āina, ke kauwā wale ke kanaka”
(The land is the chief; the people merely servants.)

Mahalo, Maui!




Day 10: Snorkeling at Lana’i

What a great day of snorkeling!  Despite the early hour – arriving for parking and check-in by 6:00am, the boat ride to the island of Lana’i was beautiful and the snorkeling even better!

I didn’t have an underwater camera (next time), so you’ll have to take my word for it, but I saw several fish:

  • Raccoon Butterfly
  • Bluestripe Butterfly
  • Moorish Idol (only 1)
  • Flying fish
  • Teardrop Butterfly
  • Parrotfish
  • Hawaiian Sergeant
  • Surgeonfish
  • Convict Tang

I may have seen other fish – there were so many – but these are the ones I remember!

Snorkel collage

After snorkeling I returned to the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kealia collage

Day 9: Rest & Mama’s Fish House

On this day we decided to take a respite from being on-the-go, so we enjoyed a leisurely and late breakfast followed by pool time at the condo. Prior to an early dinner at Mama’s Fish House in Pa’ia, we made a short visit to the upper viewing area of the Ho’okipa Beach Park. As we were leaving the Fish House, we were greeted with a rainbow!

Mama's & More collage





Day 7: Green Sea Turtles or Honu

A windy beach day turned into a great turtle day. No matter how often I see them, I am in awe! Each time is a gift. I love these prehistoric-looking creatures from the sea! There is a cordoned off area of the beach where the Honu come in to rest after months at sea. We talked with a volunteer from the Hawaii Wildlife Fund to learn more about their work with the Honu!

I could have spent hours just watching the turtles! Instead we opted for a late lunch at the Pa’ia Fish Market.



Day 4 Maui

After several long and activity-filled days, we decided to dial back the energy level a bit. We did, however, take a short drive to a nearby beach and were rewarded with a view of sea turtles feeding on algae that grows on the lava rocks near the shore. The pictures aren’t great, but you get the idea…

Days 2 & 3: Road to Hana – Part 1 of 3

As is typical of any vacation, much can happen in 48 hours! Over the past two days we took our time, making frequent stops on the Hana Highway, more commonly known as the “Road to Hana.” The $4.99 Gypsy Guide app directed us to some “must-see” locations along the way.  On Wednesday we rose early, leaving by 6:00am and drove to Hana, arriving about 6:30pm and stayed overnight at the locally-owned Hana Maui Vacation Rental. On the second day we drove the “back side” of the Hana Highway and were rewarded with spectacular ocean and up-country views!  Below are just a few of the highlights of the two days; I hope you enjoy them!

Just past Pa’ia and AFTER coffee, we decided to stop at a local park and pull-off, Ho’okipa Beach Park, to watch surfers and venture down near the water. And what a great stop it was!  We were rewarded with two fabulous photo ops – a monk seal (endangered and protected) and a sea turtle, enjoying the early morning surf and sun. According to (Hawaii) island legend, it is a “privilege to see a monk seal.”

According to the NOAA Fisheries, there are fewer than 1100 Monk seals in Hawaii, and as such, they are unfortunately one of the most endangered mammals in the world! Seeing the seal was a privilege and a good omen. Malama!

Our next stops included Twin Falls, some coconut water, and the privately owned Garden of Eden Botanical Gardens. But along the way we stopped wherever and whenever – taking our good ‘ole time!

There’s more to come, but for now it’s off to the Kihei (key-hay) farmer’s market!